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Kirk B.

I was shaking so bad I couldn't hold my spoon to eat cereal.  I had trouble focusing or making decisions.  Remembering names or simple things were a real problem.  I went to the Dr and was diagnosed with Parkinsons!  I started the hyperbaric chamber and started noticing a difference.  After 3 months of sessions I felt great!  My memory was better.  I could remember things.....I had more energy than I had in years.  I went to my neurologist for a 3 month check up and he was astounded!  He said to keep doing whatever it is you are doing!  I had a 20 point difference in my assessment scale....UNHEARD OF!!  Hyperbaric Oxygen WORKS!!

Mike K.

I suffered with headaches and depression for years.  Going to different doctors who always gave me a different pain pill or something that didn't work.  I started using the chamber and felt so much better.  My headaches were GONE!  My depression was better; I started working outside again!  My wife love the hyperbaric chamber!

Denice B.

I started using the chamber to see if it would help with my allergies and asthma.  Not only did it help with my breathing but it has also given me more energy and helped with my general aches and pains!  My asthma is so much better.  I don't feel as nasally and find it much easier to breather.  I can't go without using the hyperbaric chamber now!  It does Wonders!!


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