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Oxygen Health Spa is now open in Malad City & Twin Falls, ID & Chattanooga TN!



  • Please wear comfortable loose fitting cotton or cotton type clothing; gym clothes.

  • Little to no makeup, perfumes, lotions, skin oils of any kind.

  • Please wear socks.

  • All jewelry, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, loose coins, wallets, purses, wigs, hairpieces, must go into the basket provided, it will all remain in the basket right next to the chamber.

  • All electronic devices, cell phones, Ipads, fitbits, tablets, pagers cannot go into the chamber.

  • All lighters, matches, hearing aids, and other medical devices need to be removed and placed in basket provided.

  • Some of you may want to take this time to relax; one hour in the hyperbaric chamber is the equivalent to 4 hours of sleep!


  • If you have had any recent dental work; especially fillings, you must wait 48 hours before going into the chamber.

  • This is a safety precaution to preserve the integrity of your fillings.

  • Do not fly or drive to a higher altitude within 12 hours after completing an hyperbaric treatment.

  • Do not smoke at least two hours after receiving a treatment.

  • If you are taking medications it is best to consult with your doctor before taking any hyperbaric treatments.


I have read, and understand and agree to the requirements of both pre and post hyperbaric treatment conduct as a client.

Thanks for submitting!

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