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Our Story

Kirk and Debbie’s story started with their battle with Kirk’s Parkinson’s. Kirk was shaking so badly he couldn't hold a spoon to eat cereal, he had trouble focusing or making decisions, and remembering names or simple things had become a real problem. Kirk went to visit a Dr and was diagnosed with Parkinson's.


Shortly after the diagnosis, Kirk decided to try Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, also known as HBOT. However, to access this treatment, Kirk and Debbie would travel about 125 miles from Burley to Idaho Falls - paying $150/hour for each session. As Kirk started using HBOT, he noticed a significant amount of improvement. He could remember things again and had more energy that he had not seen in years. 

After enough trips and money spent, they both decided to buy their own chamber, as the benefits were starting to speak for themselves. Through Debbie’s experience as a Registered Nurse, they realized the benefit extended beyond Parkinson’s, and that many of their family members could benefit from the treatment alongside Kirk.

Kirk went to visit his neurologist for a 3-month check-up. During the checkup the neurologist was astounded - he had never seen such an improvement! And at that point they had several family members benefiting from it; everything from depression, migraines, Parkinson’s restless leg, and asthma to chronic pain. It was apparent that HBOT had the potential to help more people than just their families, and decided that they need to offer this to the community.

Since opening Oxygen Health Spa to the Public, Kirk and Debbie have helped hundreds with conditions ranging from psoriasis, radiation burns from Cancer treatment, head injuries, fibromyalgia, stroke, Parkinson’s, Lyme’s, neuropathy, Crohn's, to Depression, PTSD, and Anxiety. 


With three locations in, twin falls, Burley, and Chattanooga they plan to grow where they are needed.


Disclaimer: This is an elective therapy. We do not take insurance; we accept cash and credit cards. While studies support the effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen therapy when used to help treat various medical conditions, individual results may vary.  There are no guarantees of outcome. 


In Full Support of the FDA., Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for indications other than the UHMS-approved indications is considered Off Label. The content and information provided within this site are for informational and educational purposes only. Consult a doctor before pursuing any form of medical treatment, including Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. The information provided on this site is not to be considered Medical Advice. Please consult with your Treating Medical Physician.

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